Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Camping Hiking Fishing Pocket Survival Kit

Hiking Survival Kit Trail

Camping Hiking Fishing Pocket Survival Kit

This kit is designed for day hikers like myself.  I got lost in the woods and all I wanted was to find a drink of water.  90 degree day, no water, no compass, no signal device, NOTHING!  All I had was my buddy and my hiking stick.  I wish we had a whistle because we started to panic and began yelling for HELP!  Which didn't help at all.  From that day on I told my, I will never be that unprepared again.  So I designed this kit to collect water, use water tablets to purify.  The kit also includes various survival related items for cutting, fire starter, water collecting, fishing, and signaling.  This kit also includes a wilderness survival guide for reference.  Don't let what happen to me happen to know.  Being lost and very thirsty is no fun day out hiking.  We were lucky enough to find a creek and began to drink. My big problem from there was we couldn't take any water with us.  Well my buddy got really sick afterwards, I assume it was from the water.  So thats why water tablets are very important.  Me, I take a Camelpak now full of water and this survival kit.  I am ready to hit the trails again.