Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SERE Tactical Advantage Survival Kit


WE SOLD 100 of these to the USAF

Nothing but Top of the Line Survival Gear


  • ALOKSAK Element Proof Pouch
  1. Aloksak Element Proof Bags were Certified watertight to 200 feet after being tested and approved by the US Navy NEDU (Navy Experimental Dive Unit).

  2. ALOKSAK provides technological solutions to the most common and important problems associated with storage, transport, and safekeeping. Our leak proof Aloksak bags offer unparalleled water-tightness in a resealable cost-effective bag.

  3. Don't compare the ALOKSAK Element Proof Bag with a commercial grocery store type resealable bag. That is like comparing a diamond to a zirconia. The ALOKSAK is a very durable film and very difficult to puncture. They may look alike but that is where any comparison ends. Aloksak bags have a hermetic seal when closed.
BlastMatch Fire Starter: Designed for all-weather use, this patented, onehanded fire starter generates a stream of sparks three times the heat of a standard match.
  • WetFire Tinder: WetFire Tinder is an advanced non-toxic fire starting material that is odorless, smokeless, and burns even when wet.
  • StarFlash Signal Mirror: The StarFlash is far lighter than glass, is virtually indestructible, and boasts trademarked StarFlash technology that enables youto aim the flash as far as the eye can see with pinpoint accuracy.
  • JetScream Whistle: This low profile, pea-less whistle focuses manmade air streams through harmonically tuned chambers to create a piercing shriek up to 122 decibels that is audible over most natural and manmade noises.
  • OmniGlow Lightstick, One Stick Lightweight and portable, OmniGlow lightsticks are activated by simply snapping and shaking.
  • Brunton 28NL Compass: The Micro baseplate 28NL compass is compact and provides cardinal points and a millimeter scale.
  • Streamlight Key-mate Flashlight: This tiny LED flashlight from Streamlight is bright, tough, and remarkably handy. This compact light has a superbright 100,000- hour LED and is made of virtually unbreakable machined aircraft aluminum. Key-Mate Lens Filter Kit, One Red, One Green: Lens filters are made of durable, flexible material that is molded for a tight fit but can be removed easily. This kit gives the soldier a variety of tactical lighting options.
    SuperKnife Folding Utility Knife: This compact knife is sharp, efficient, and locks for safety.