Monday, June 29, 2009


The Mini Tin Survival Kit is a great little Tin Kit. Its very small and compact, only measures 2.5" x 2". It comes with 20 Survival Items. This is one of the first survival kits I came out with. I have made several modifications to make this kit bigger and more efficent. One of the first things I did was replace the Matches with a Mini Fire Starter Rod. Its only about 2" wide, but can handle 1000's of strikes. I also made a upgrade to the mini button compass. I started buying better compass through Sun Company. Their button compasses are the best out there. This is the smallest they have (14mm) Its a dry compass. Another item I replaced was teh cotton ball with a Quick Fire Tinder Tab. This tab burns even when wet. Works great with a spark from Fire Starter rod. You just need to pull the tinder tab apart into a little patch. Then start sparking away. You can use the P-38 Can Opener provided in this kit. Just just a a 45 degree angle. I knew I needed to add some type of signal device. So I added a mini mirror, the same type that is used in the 5-in-1 Survival Whistle. Its not a Rated Signal Mirror, but any reflective surface can help you in a survival situation. Especially when you are in the middle of nowhere.

All Items Included:

Small Tin Container
14mm Button Compass
Fire Starter Rod
Quik Fire Tinder Tab
P-38 Can Opener
3 Black Safety Pins
20 ft. of Outdoor Rated Thread
Sewing Pin
2 Band Aids
Cleaning Wipe
Medical Gauze
Single Edge Razor Blade
20 Ft. of 10 lbs Fishing Line
3 Fishing Hooks
1 Swivel
3 BB Shot Sinkers
Mini Mirror
Glow Stick

Friday, June 26, 2009



They suspended me and they won't even tell me why. I called and emailed and I cannot get an answer of what they are accusing me of and suspending me for 30 days. So I will be back, but I may limit what I list on ebay and offer more items through Amazon and my Website.

Survival Kits USA will be back on Ebay on July 24th. During my break, I plan to make some changes to my kits for the better. Sorry to my Ebay following, but I will be back next month.