Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Small but basic survival kit, great item for any boy or girl scout. Comes with some very useful items. Fishing kits, nav, cutting and items to start fires. This is also a great item to add to any existing kit you may have already. I usually like to carry kits like this with me on day hikes just because its so easy to carry. All items are designed and put together in the the USA. Made by former military members. We use to offer this kit before, but I actually had a hard time trying to find the right tube that can carry these contents.
  • Derma Survival Saw
  • Derma Folding Blade
  • 14mm Button Compass
  • Metal Survival whistle
  • 2 Strike Anywhere Matches
  • 2 Quik Fire Tinder Tabs
  • Mini Signal Mirror
  • 3 Safety Pins
  • Fishing Kit
  • Glow Stick