Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This new Micro Survival Kit is the lastest and greatest released by Survival Kits USA. This is very similar to the Mini Tin Survival Kit, but smaller! Of course you can't fit a whole lot, but you get something:
Waterproof Fire Tab
Outdoor Rated Thread (20 ft)
2 Safety Pins
Fishing Line (20 ft)
6 Fishing Hooks
2 Swivels
3 BB Shot Sinkers

Not to mention the tiny tin container. You can put and fit this anywhere. These tins are hard to come by, so I will not be offering them forever. They are listed at$5.99 ea. This is by far the smallest survival kit we came up with. Its very neat and would make a great gift for anyone. The compass comes from Sun Company. So you get a good quality 14mm compass. The tinder tab comes from Four Seasons. The inventor of the Spark Lite.