Thursday, July 16, 2009


One of our new Survival Kits I just released. I call it the Commando Stove Survival Kit. In doing research, I found that a portable stove with tinder tablets are very important in a survival situation. But you will need a canteen cup or some sort of cooking pot or pan. Which you can get from my store or even purchase at a military surplus shop.

This kit is also great to add to any survival kit you already have set up. The great thing about this stove is you can fit quite few survival items inside when fold. It holds pretty well. I added this to my Advanced Survival Kits that will be coming out soon. But I wanted to sell this separately at a good price. After all, who has tons of money to spends days? The stove by itself was a pretty popular item. Then add the goodies and you have a pretty good kit. Like I said before, the only item missing is the canteen cup or camping pot.

This s is listed at a low price of $12.99. The only item that isn't shown is the fishing kit which is: 25 ft of 10 lbs fishing line, 7 various size hooks, 2 swivels, & 3 bb shot sinks. That was a last minute addition. I fell every survival kit need some fishing line and hooks. That's been my basic princible since day one. But I have all tpe of survival kits to fit anyones needs.