Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Coming soon in the next couple of days I will be listing items from Condor Outdoor Products. I ran into this item at a local Army Surplus store and I was blown away by the quality of these items. If you don't know about Condor, they manufacture Tactical Gear, Pouches, holsters, bag and Packs. They come in various colors as well. Tan, Black, OD Green, and ACU Camo designs. I currently offer the Hikers Survival Kit with this pouch. Now you can buy a pouch and create your own survival kit or use for whatever reason to fit your needs. Condor also sells all types of different items, so if you see something you like or really want, let me know and I can order this for you. They only sell wholesale to merchants on their online site. They are very strict about pricing structure as well, so I have list at a certain price, but it won't be over the top. This is due to the Quality of their items.

Check out their site: