Thursday, October 8, 2009


Just In! The new Micro Survival Fishing Kit. This little kit comes in a 3 inch tube. This has MORSE Code on the outside for reference. Comes with 30 ft. of Fishing Line, 7 Fishing Hooks, 3 Sinkers, 2 Needles, and 1 Surgical Xacto Blade. This great little kit is only listed at $1.99. You can fit this anywhere. If you already have a survival kit, this is the perfect item to add with out doing any work. I have yet to see a Fishing kit this small and basic for this price. This is also good to add if you have an Survival Knife with hollow handle. WE just received a ton of these, so Stock up, give them as gifts. Anyone into the outdoors would love this neat little fishing kit. It comes with everything shown, into the tube and air tight. The only other place you can get something like this is through the UK. They sell something similar but for double the price and you have wait to get it from the UK. Like I said, we have plenty. If you want a bulk price, just let me know. It would have to be 25 or more for a discount.