Tuesday, December 22, 2009


One of of latest Survival kits we recently released. We came out with this kit based on customer suggestions and real life situations. 2 of the key items in this kit is the Insect Repellent and reflective tape in the inner tin for signaling. A customer suggested to add along with the reflective tape from being lost in the woods. He told me that the main thing that really hurt his moral during his experience was being eat'n alive by bugs and mosiqutos. So I was able to locate these 8 hour insect repellent pads. I didn't want to turn this into a expensive survival kit. I went with the basics. Blade fr cuting, fire starter rod, whistle, fishing kit, 10 ft of cord, compass, glowstick, pencil and final razor blade. We only offer this kit for $10.99. Everything included is brand new and tested. Reflective tape is a little costly, but very effective. Can be seen in the dark when light is flashed. I would recommend this as a complete kit, but something to add to your gear or pack. Great for day hikes. Its light weight and compact. www.shop.survivalkitsusa.com